Friday, November 24, 2006


I think I outdid myself. I've made fabric bags, soap, wire wrapped glass photo frames but these are my favourites.

BTW had my wisdom tooth out today...I don't recommend it. There was cracking sounds, lots of blood all over my face, pain that took many pills to get on top of. Ugh.


Wayne C. Rogers said...

Just incase the doctor didn't tell you, you're going to have chips of bone coming out of your gum for the next week. They'll be small chips. The bleeding shoud be over within twenty-four hours or so. Keep the hollow gum area packed with gauze to soak up the blood. Gargle with mouthwash several times a day for the first couple of days just to make sure any bacteria is killed. Don't chew on that side of your face, and even hot soup and cold beverages can hurt, but chicken noodle soup will speed up the healing process and is easier to swallow than solid foods.

Dr. Wayne

*BB* said...

That must have been a bone chip whew. Thought my new filling had come out for a sec.