Saturday, March 03, 2007

Myspace hilarity

So as a single woman in a western country I get tons of myspace spam from young men in Ghana and Nigeria. Men here get Russian women spamming them. Incidentally my brothers boss thinks his latest russian (he is such a sucker) is the real deal cos she waited until the third email to ask for money! Anyway...I didn't check my myspace for months then today I thought I better. This was by far the best message I got. You'll notice he can't say "I will like to know you more better" properly but in the middle of the email he spells spontaneous (I can't even spell that) and monotonous (or that) correctly and uses them perfectly. His sob story is just...well read for yourself.

Hello Prettie,
How are you doing? firstly, let me compliment on your beautiful face in the profile.... you are damn looking pretty good. I'm just browsing thru the pages and I come across your profile and wish to drop you a hit. If you dont mind I will like to know you more better,
My name is Edun Olalekan , single male from Nigeria. I'm looking for a lovely woman who undestand what real love is, who dont play games and is very honesty, I love alot of things as hobbies,I'm a pretty easy going person who has his moments. I'd like someone who is along the same line. Someone who can be spontaneous but also knows how to plan things out too. Someone who will make me laugh. I love to be outside in nature and thats where I am most comfortable. I love doing active things but nothing monotonous. I love to travel & computers programs, I just got out of a year relationship which is about to lead to our marriage but I later found out my fiancee was nothing but a game player, dont mind playing games at the excense of her lover, So we broke up last month, is not my idea to joining any dating site but since there is nothing I can do, now that im amidst of depresion and loneliness, Just checking on to see if theres someone true and real out there for me I dont ant players and soul deceivers, if you think you real and available why not get in touch and let gets things going.
I will like to chat with you my screen name in yahoo email is and MSN is, really waiting to have a great chat with you.
Take care sweety

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Dave :) said...

lol..I guess hes so used to spontaneous, monontonous relationships that he has mastered the words well. ;)
did I spell those right?? lol