Sunday, March 18, 2007

Did You Know?...

Did You Know?...

The harmonica is the most popular musical instrument in the world.

Each member of this year's Super Bowl-winning team will receive $73,000.

Tom Hanks is related to Abraham Lincoln.

Britney Spears, Anna Kournikova and Tonya Harding have all had computer viruses named after them.

Before becoming famous, Mick Jagger was a hospital porter.

Human thigh bones are stronger than concrete.

A bee is more likely to sting you on a windy day.

More than 600,000 Americans a year are injured on beds and chairs.

64% of women sleep on the left side of the bed.

Nicolas Cage ate a live cockroach in Vampire's Kiss.

Only 7% of the population are lefties.

Hot water is heavier than cold water.

The candies most likely to cause tooth decay are dark chocolate and fudge.

Handshakes transmit viruses 7 times more effectively than sneezes do.

It takes a sperm one hour to swim seven inches.

Jodie Foster was George Lucas' second option for Princess Leia in Star Wars.

Clint Eastwood and Marlon Brando both became fathers after age 60.

Each of us generates about five pounds of garbage per day.

Women are 10 times less likely than men to suffer from color blindness.

Disney World is bigger than the world's five smallest countries.

Larry King has been married seven times.

Leonardo da Vinci spent 12 years painting the Mona Lisa's lips.

It takes 50,000 years for a plastic container to start decomposing.

Americans spend an estimated $8 to $10 billion U.S. on pornography each year.

A jumbo jet needs 4,000 gallons of fuel to take off.

In Scarface, "f*ck" is said 206 times, at an average of once every 29 seconds.

If it gets hungry enough, an octopus will eat its own arms.

Pirates thought wearing an earring would improve their eyesight.

35% of people who use personal ads for dating are already married.

A mosquito has 47 teeth.

Beer foam will go down if you lick your finger and stick it in the beer.

The average person spend about two years of their life on the phone.

Chewing gum while peeling onions will keep you from crying.

The average person speaks about 31,500 words per day.

A leech has 32 brains.

The words "assassination" and "bump" were invented by Shakespeare.

There are more than 100 chemicals in one cup of coffee.

An average of 100 people choke on ballpoint pens every year.

Edward Norton is fluent in Japanese.

Whenever Beethoven sat down to write music, he poured ice water over his head.

Virginia Woolf wrote all her books standing up.

When a person blushes, their stomach lining turns red too.

Being unmarried can shorten a man's life by 10 years

America's favorite Crayola crayon color is blue.

Hundreds of years ago, only wealthy people wore underwear.

25% of a human's bones are in its feet.

A person uses approximately 57 sheets of toilet paper every day.

In New York City, approximately 1,600 people are bitten by other humans annually.

Only 5% of Americans dream in color.

A dime has 118 ridges around the edge.

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is the fear of long words.

Americans get toothpicks stuck in their throats more than any other object.

The largest kidney stone in history weighs 14 pounds.

If you spend one hour in a public swimming pool, you will come into contact with about 50 ounces of urine.

According to research, mosquitoes like people who have recently eaten bananas.

The world's oldest McDonald's restaurant still in operation is in Downey, California.

Every year in America, 13 people die from falling vending machines.

Single people are seven and a half times more likely to require psychiatric care.

When you're born you have 300 bones in your body, but when you die you only have 206.

You will inhale about 44 pounds of dust during your lifetime.

Until the 1960s, men with long hair were not allowed to enter Disneyland.

More collect calls are made on Father's Day than on any other day of the year.

A woman's heart beats faster than a man's.

Only female mosquitoes bite. Male mosquitoes are vegetarians.

A typical can of soda contains 10 teaspoons of sugar.

All shrimp are born male, but grow into females as they mature.

Your taste buds are replaced every 10 days as old ones die and new ones take their place.

The skin of around 3,000 cows is required to produce a year's supply of leather NFL footballs.

According to the Ghost Research Society, there are 789 haunted houses in the United States.


Paul Iddon said...

Some amazing facts here BB. Quite astounding some of them!

alphabunny said...

save them up for trivia night!

Dave :) said...

cool facts, thnx for sharing. :)
I look forward to catching up on all your blog, as its been quite awhile indeed.
my apologies are in order here. soo after ms. bunny is through beating me with God knows what, then it'll be your turn. pls be gentle thnx. :))
David. :)