Friday, July 21, 2006

The Truth Hurts

You didn’t mean so much to me

That I won’t get over you.

You didn’t make me feel so giddy

That without you I wont know what to do.

You didn’t make me lose myself so much

That I won’t find the old me again.

You didn’t consume my mind like you thought

And I’ll only think of you now and then.

You didn’t feel as good inside me

As I sometimes might have said.

You didn’t become my only reason to live

And now it’s over I’m not crying for you.

At first I thought you were cute

Now I see I was wrong.

Your babies would be kind of ugly

I’m glad I won’t be having one.

What sort of future your life will be

I really hate to think.

All I know is if I was part of it

You’d make me want to turn to drink.

1 comment:

Dave :) said...

he,he around here I think those are called dear john letters. :)