Friday, July 14, 2006

Paddy the Wanderer

In the 30s, after the death of his 3 yr old owner Elsie, Paddy lost the inclination to stay where he was and took to living at the Wellington waterfront, an area it knew well because his owners father was a seaman. He spent his evenings with watchmen, his days at the tally clerks stall at the wharf gates and occasionally shipped out on a boat for a while. The local taxi drivers adopted him, whipping the hat around to pay for his registration fees. When he died in 1939 at age 13 12 taxis formed the cortege led through the city by a policeman. His death was written up in the city newspaper and this memorial was paid for by Paddys friends and features 2 dog height drinking bowls. Ironically dogs are no longer allowed in the city center. It started to rain just as I arrived at the fountain so its a snap and run shot.

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