Thursday, March 30, 2006

Tourist trap

This is from the days when I had a film camera. It's taken in a very small town called Tirau in the middle of the north island. Tirau exists for tourists. It has one main street with a honey product shop and various other places to buy stuff. One shop I LOVELOVELOVE is called Linga Longa. It's a ....well it's not really labelable. It sells lanolin lotions and soaps (sheep are big business when you have 4 million people and 40 million sheep), wooden toys and products, pottery, nicknacks. I haven't been in forever but I could spend forever in there. 15 mins drive away my gran lives in a real NZ-style small know, gangs, crime and pregnant teens. This place however is so cool. It has a big corrugated iron shop in the shape of a sheep...or some kind of animal, it's been a while. And down a side street we sawthe scene I took the above photo of.
Oh yeah and on the outskirts of Tirau theres a castle. Castle Pamela was built for a woman named Pamela by her husband. It has her doll collection in it now. It's all about the tourist dollar but this town is actually worth it.

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