Monday, October 16, 2006


Someone left this comment for me online and I am so flattered I had to share it. To be told this is beyond wonderful. Thank you Wayne!! xxxx p.s. I LOVE being called honey lol.


I checked out your blog and website. As far as skill as a photographer goes, you're already there, honey. Your photographs are as good as any I've seen by big-name celebrites. Your passion for photography shines through in every single picture. This is definitely something that you were meant to do. Don't ever stop. In time, you name will be known world wide.


Wayne C. Rogers said...

The praise was well deserved. You are an extremely talented photographer. Like with me and writing, the question is how to make a living from doing it. Loved your comment on my blog. It's a good way to start out a Monday. LOL.

helpmate hubby said...

Just to LYK, i think you do outstanding work. Hope you'll keep posting for our enjoyment.