Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Confession? or admission? Here goes...

I've been dropping hints about this on NN for the past couple of days but don't yet feel comfortable admitting it on there so heres my first step. The people that read this blog regularly are people I trust with my business. I'm going to become a Domme. Yep, domination, submission, strapons, whips and chains. It's an ongoing process and I don't know how long it takes befoe you can really say you are one but I'm going to at least work towards a point where I feel I can say I'm a Domme and earn the right to be called Mistress by my very own submissive. I like women but mostly only to look at and admire as art so my sub(s) will be male. I've chatted to a friend on IM lately that has been willing to be my little bitch and let me act out both our fantasies in our chats. It's been fun, enlightening and a turn on to talk to someone about this lifestyle who is so open to trying it with me.
Also I think the best bit happened today. The person I was scared of telling the most turned out to be excited, curious and asked me to talk him through a fantasy we share.
I have lost a friend or two though over this and it has made some friendships awkward if not totally over. That definately sucks but at the end of the day I have to live my life for me. I feel happy in this decision and it's not like I'd ever force it on anyone. Domination is not about total bullying ownership, it's surprisingly sweet and tender. Your sub chooses to be owned by you, they give their whole being to you and you have a responsibility to protect them while they are in your charge. There are limits set by both of you on what you each will or wont do, they have a safeword for their protection and aftercare is very important, holding your sub close and giving them your full attention and letting them know they are loved.
The most important point to remember is that (for me at least) he may be by sub but he is always a man. I'm not out to emasculate him or get myself a true sissy boy (no matter what I call him in Humiliation Play). I think the sign of a good Dom/sub relationship is where you live these 2 'unequal' roles yet both feel equal to your partner....if its a long term relationship anyway.
Leave a comment if you want, I'd be interested in feedback. Good or bad, it wont change my choice this time.


slave_slutangel said...

People are odd creatures when they find out something more about a person and it is beyond their paradime.... and their natural reaction is silence and turning their backs on someone they called friend.

That BB is conditional love/friendship. i have seen so many people call us friend only IF it is on their terms. And we have never hidden the fact that we live a 24/7 Master/slave relationship in real life. And then when we took on another person in our family to love, more people turned their backs on us.

In this lifestyle, it is about uncondtional love. You take the person for who they are, faults and all. We are not out to make them perfect, because in your eyes, they are already perfect. You love them with no conditions attached.

This lifestyle is just bringing out in the forefront what is normally done in day to day life. In every relationship, there is one who is more in charge and another who happily will follow. Both doing their parts to make a whole. It is in every aspect of our lives, even in work and the jobs we hold.

And in this lifestyle, it is just stated who is in charge and who is the one to follow. It is clearly defined... everything is out in the open in honest communication with each other.

This is a loving relationship... not one of abuse.... and i don't care what the press states about this lifestyle, for they always seek out the non norm....

You have the basis down well...still continue to read, learn, and grow..for learning never ceases..

It is a journey.. not a destination....

alphabunny said...

my my you're a bossy little bitch now, aren't you?

Anonymous said...

BB, go for it, find your bliss. I'm not into it but happy that you have found your happyness.